May 01

Where Can I Find Good Digital Photography Backdrops?

vDigital photography backdrops are very important as they provide an attractive background that can enhance photographs a great deal. More photographers than ever have turned to digital photography for many reasons, which include the convenience, cost, and ability to make photos unique-looking by enhancing the images. Available in a wide range of styles and colors, finding the perfect backdrops for every image or photo is easier than ever.

In today’s market there are several different backdrop types available for both amateur and professional photographers with a different application for each type. The basic background is certainly one of the most popular and best-liked types of backdrops. These use the backdrop types to conceal the background in the photograph behind the subject with a more satisfactory one. A digital backdrop is also an excellent way to take an average digital portrait and, using a good backdrop, change it into a quality photograph that resembles one from a professional photography studio. Backdrops of this type have both commercial as well as personal applications. There are innumerable types of digital photography backdrops geared toward family, friends or children and intended just for entertainment and fun. Some of the many include:

o Image enhancing blocky letters

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Apr 29

5 Wedding Photography to Watch Out

maxresdefaultWedding photography has changed a lot since our parents got married three decades ago. That said even though photography trends have changed there are very few couples who know much about the latest trends or upcoming trends. This often means that they don’t know exactly what they should be looking for when hiring a photographer to cover their wedding. The important thing that wedding couples should always remember when hiring a professional is to never hire one simply based on if or not they are using the latest and the most expensive equipment. It should be based on their portfolio and if they are able to shoot your wedding based on the latest trends, five of which have been described below.

Trend no. 1: Celebrity wedding style

Almost every wedding couple may want to feel like a celebrity and this particular wedding photography style makes it possible. This particular style brings red carpet style posing to wedding couples. The resulting pictures are often of couples who are acting out famous movie and music video scenes. This allows for the photographer to create new and unique themes which look like photos on a glossy film magazine cover.

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Apr 23

How to Build your Photography Portfolio

ffAs a photographer there is no greater joy than being recognized for what you love doing. A large part of that recognition will come through the self promotional tactics you employ. One way to ensure you get recognition for what you do is to create a photography portfolio which is second to none.

Step 1) Choosing your theme
You may already have the pictures to create a themed portfolio or you may be planning on capturing them over the next little while. Either way, your portfolio, like a well written book, should have some unifying theme. This theme can be conceptual or it can be technical. For example, your theme could be about courage, love, urban life, rural life, garbage. Alternatively you can create a theme based on photographic technicalities. For example you could create a portfolio showcasing all of your best wide angle work, or one which displays your best black and white work. The themes for creating a portfolio are only limited by your own imagination. So take your time and create a themed portfolio which means something to you.

Step 2) Choosing the photos
Choosing the right photographs to put in your portfolio will be a time consuming process. By the nature of the portfolio itself, only your best pieces should be placed within the portfolio. If you don’t’ have too many top picks spend some more time photographing until you get the desired results. Your portfolio is something you should be proud of, not something thrown together out of impatience and haste.

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Apr 11

Cheap Photography Lights

pure-photo-wp-themeIt is true that when somebody takes a photograph, he will have a clear view about how it should look like. But after taking the photographs, if you found that it looks dull and dead what will you attribute to it? The number one culprit for the defect is poor lighting. What are various options for cheap photography lights?

Even with the latest digital camera and technology, the photographs will look flat and dull if the lighting is in the right mix and proper as per the background and theme of the photo. A dull photo, even with highly sophisticated photo editing tools such as Photoshop, will not be converted into an imposing one. The professionalism in photography and the art of photography demands the perfect photo at the first instant of taking the photo, without any additive and supplements by photo editing software. One thing well accepted for this kind of perfection is good photography lights. Good photography lights do not require very expensive set up of different varieties of lights. There are many options of cheap photography lights. Let us see some of these options.

Sunset and Sunrise are two natural, but powerful lighting options in still photography. During these periods the natural color combinations are very attractive and will be a suit to many themes for photography. The enchanting colors that appear during the dusk and dawn are sure to add deeper dimensions to the theme of your photos. No artificial photography lights are necessary during sunset and sunrise, and you will get more professional elegant photographs.

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Apr 05

Using a Theme For Your Wedding to Make it More Magical

photography-59aYour longtime sweetheart has just proposed to you and you are on your way to planning your Phoenix dream wedding. You want your wedding to be a reflection of both of you as a couple. If you are opting on something else rather than a traditional wedding, a theme wedding may just be the thing you are looking for. In fact this type of wedding is one of the hottest trends in weddings nowadays.

In choosing a theme wedding, you can live out your fantasies and there is no limit to your imagination. Incorporating a design throughout the whole wedding affair can add a touch of elegance and personality to the event. It will be a wonderful sight captured in your wedding photography Phoenix. Depending on the theme you choose, you can imagine yourself living in another time or place. The most important thing is you choose something that is meaningful and romantic to you and your fiancé.

You should determine the exact feel you want for your wedding. This can be a good place to start when deciding a theme. Ask yourself and your fiancé what feeling you want your guests to experience in your wedding day. A monogram which is an intertwining initials of the couple can be easily incorporated into the wedding. If this is not what you are looking for, think about your hobbies and interests. There are so many wedding theme ideas you can choose from and the possibilities are almost endless. To get your list started, choose your theme around a season, era, color and fantasy.

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